October 29, 2008

Over the Long Run…

Filed under: Ed-isms, Personal Branding, Philosophy, Random — Robert John Ed @ 5:12 am

…this means nothing.

Over the long run, commitment is all that matters.  There’s a good reason we all do the things we do, but it’s obvious who’s in it for the right reasons after that first rejection.  They give up.  They go back to the drawing board and think of a new route to follow.

Those people who could care less whether one person, one company or one decision go against their ideas and vision, (even when it happens over and over again) those people change the world.  If you are truly dedicated to your cause, one set back such as not getting the job you had in mind or having your business idea fall flat after a few months just doesn’t matter.  If you really are trying to achieve something worthwhile, those setbacks can’t stop you.  Only you can stop you.

Talented individuals are often given to fits of extremely high performance.  That high performance translates into success in earlier stages of development (school and work) at a very high clip.  As those same individuals grow to embrace newer and more advanced challenges in the same institutions, the competition and likelihood of failure both grow.  It’s only natural.  And those same tendencies toward success work against these individuals.  Being so used to success early and often, they come to view a failure as an insurmountable obstacle and quickly investigate new areas of interest.  More is the pity.

Persistence is the truest of virtues.  Your current failures are but pebbles at the foot of your future monument.


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