November 9, 2008

Class Structuring

Filed under: School — Robert John Ed @ 11:08 pm

Big midterm tomorrow, but even bigger is that Friday we have to register for new classes in the Spring.  This has been very difficult for me.  The classes offered are diverse and all hold some value.  What’s more, I really enjoy education, so I want to take a huge alottment of courses.  I’m used to learning on my own via books and the web, so the chance to learn from world class profs is all the more valuable.

The problem is that it’s near impossible to know at this point what’s going to be most valuable for you in the real world.  I’m a marketing dork and want to take everything on the docket for it, it’s just my natural inclination to eagerly take those classes because it’s more fun for me.  Whatever happens, I have a feeling I’m going to have a pretty enjoyable career simply based on the fact that I like learning and talking about this stuff.  Yet, I could end up in a number of different industries where the particular knowledge base needed to excel differs greatly.  So if I ended up at a med device company, the class structure I should be signing up for now is completely altered from that of a CPG.  It’s rough.  I like to plan out things well in advance but in this instance it’s simply not feasible.

The other issue is that just because I like marketing doesn’t mean it’s what I should be learning right now.  I got some good advice in an information session with a CPG company the other day to really focus in on finance, because any product/brand management position for a major company is going to have A LOT of numbers.  Now this particular person struck me as quite pragmatic and intelligent, so I’m going to take his advice.  That means some marketing courses are coming off the books, because I was already maxed out in terms of credits.  Anyway this whole thing hasn’t changed much in the next semester, but I have a feeling that I’ll probably end up taking at least three more financial decisions courses and probably financial statement analysis (which is actually accounting).

Here’s a breakdown for next semester (with hopes that I get into all the classes and the Brand Enterprise, more on that particular club to come):

Market Research 6051
Brand Management 6082
Corporate Financial Decisions 6241
Business Ethics 6315
Info Decision Sciences 6050
Brand Enterprise

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