November 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

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Seems like lately a jumble of thoughts is easier to get down in one sitting than individual posts:

1.  Technology is really ramping up and altering the way we do things.  The PE Obama weekly Youtube address is proof positive.  This simply unheard of ten years ago. If this continues, it could set a precedent for how to communicate with the masses.  It takes away the control from big media and empowers the little guy.  Sure, Obama is hardly a little guy, but the point is that anyone can do this.  Anyone can build a series centered around whatever their fancy may be and build an audience for it.  It just takes dedication and talent, of which many people have in spades.

2.  Sticking to the Obama stuff, his campaign was a game changer.  I’m big into sites like Digg and the amount of people advocating donation was really impressive.  His overall numbers were remarkable.  During the midst of the race, I was taken aback by what was happening.  It was obvious that everyone was really adamant about needing a change.  The young vote showed up and rallied.  Now the fundraising is coming under scrutiny for some good reasons. My opinion is that political races should be fueled by the average Joe donating less than $5k.  Litigation will undoubtedly be undertaken to slow fraudulent donations, but I’m much happier seeing a lot of small people give small donations than huge corporations making huge donations.  The influence of any one vote should be limited.

3.  The Twolves are horrible.  Again.  Minneapolis is the new Philadelphia.  Like last year, I’ll be rooting for the Celts and KG.

4.  I’m extremely excited to wrap up the core at Carlson.  Everyone in our class is a bit tired of the grind and it will be great to be in classes where you have some time to reflect on the knowledge being presented.  At the same time, it will be a big change.  We won’t spend nearly as much time with the small group of people that represent our cohorts, so that will be a bummer. I’m going to take a lot of finance in the upcoming 18 months.  From everything I can gather, understanding finance is paramount to marketing at a corporate level, while the other marketing classes often overlap.  So Corporate Financial Decisions, Advanced Corporate Financial Decisions and Financial Statement Analysis here I come.  This means class will be undoubtedly tougher…and more valuable.

5.  The Microfinance Alliance is having a fundraiser throughout the first few weeks of December to raise enough for a small business loan to someone in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  Very excited to start this program and begin building the needed marketing plan around it.  I’ll update this soon.


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