November 21, 2008

Tribes Book Review

Filed under: Book Reviews — Robert John Ed @ 2:23 am

I’m finally finishing up Tribes.  This is actually a pretty sad state of affairs given that this book would take an average reader all of three hours to finish soup to nuts.  Yet most of my time is spent trying to master my life long passion, managerial accounting.

What I can say about this new book is that it’s typical Seth Godin; typically amazing.  Seth’s prose is wonderfully short and full of quick stories that allow you to absorb themes easily.  He really has a knack for it.  I would say this book is lighter than some of his more important conceptual pieces (permission marketing forever altered my path), but because I read him often, his books are now more often reiteration.  For people who do not read him often, this is a great new perspective on what it means to lead.

Tribes is all about leadership.  Leaders are wanted in our society, the last few months have shown us how much we clamor for capable and compelling leaders.  We need them in our lives.  Yet leaders are incredibly rare.  Not everyone can be a leader, despite what we are told.  Some just aren’t interested.  

And that’s OK.  Just because you are a leader in one place doesn’t mean should be everywhere.  Some times you should be a follower.

The idea of a tribe is simply a group of people who have real interest in a subject and the eagerness to build a community/movement/organization around it.  Leaders are merely the ones that take the initiative to harness that collective passion and build something worthwhile.  They exist everywhere.  For every popular leader such as Gates and Clinton there are another hundred great leaders behind causes close to their tribes’ hearts.  So what’s holding you back?  

In short, fear.  Fear is the reason so many would be leaders watch from the sidelines.  Why so many people take no chances at work or in life.  The chance of criticism is a roulette wheel best lain still.  Those who refuse to play will most likely remain unfortunate.  Maybe it’s time you changed that inertia to momentum.  If you are passionate about something, take charge.  Build something.  Leading is not something that people are born with, it’s a manifested ability.  It’s derived from effort and the passion to really change things in some way.    If you are still unsure, take three hours (if that) and read the book.  You can even have my copy.  Just drop me a line.


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