December 1, 2008

New Google Interface (HALP!)

Filed under: Digital Distribution, Information Supernova — Robert John Ed @ 3:15 am

Under normal circumstances, I’d have looked in depth at the new Digg-like interface Google is using for SERPs.  Quick rule for anything on the internet:  Any time Google sneezes, you’d better be watching.  Every new move they make is a potential watershed moment for marketers.

Anyway, Google is now allowing users (I believe only when signed in to their Google accounts) to promote or downgrade results in their searches.  That means users can bump up relevant results (let’s say, Wikipedia) and drop others (let’s say, conversion spammers).  You can also comment on SERP results, which adds a new potential wrinkle for content providers.  Gaming the system gets harder, because the users are picking the BEST results based on their search queries; black hat SEO is no longer nearly as big an issue, the market will sort itself out.  Or is it?  Will we see companies paying users to promote their content?  Sure.  Will Google track IPs and figure out who is gaming?  Yeah, probably.  Will “power users” emerge as in more closed loop systems such as Digg?  I don’t think so, but I’ve been wrong.

I want to investigate this more and unfortunately my initial searches haven’t really come up with much.  Does anyone have any sources that provide a better overview of what’s going on with this new format as well as any associated issues that web companies are seeing?  I could really use a comprehensive link that touches on this from an SEO standpoint.  Drop me a line.  I’m the boss.  Need the info.  Throw me a fricken bone here.


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