December 9, 2008

Around the World in 80 Days

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Finished up Around the World in 80 Days a week or so ago.  It was written by Jules Verne and it’s a treasure.  I won’t get into a lot of detail since the book is rather small and has a relatively simple premise.  The protagonist,  Philias Fogg, is the type of character that remains with you for some time after reading, and in his mannerisms Verne reminds of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters.  Though upon second look perhaps it’s the other way around seeing as the former is the elder.  Regardless, this is high praise in my esteem.

Sometimes, my lack of depth in reading classics such as this astounds.  It seems a foregone conclusion I’ll complete all his popular works, as these are the types of fiction that are extremely low risk, high reward pieces.  In fact, should you have children (or simply happen to be one much like myself) I’d recommend these.  Verne is most obviously a writer for all ages.  His imagery and character development do not fail to impress, while his content seem wholesome based on this work.  Writers such as he, Tolkien, Christie, C.S. Lewis and Rowling are inspirational in their ability to connect with younger audiences and it’s truly a special type of author.

Well worth the few days to read.



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