December 10, 2008

Writing Every Day

Filed under: Blog Explanations, Random, Writing — Robert John Ed @ 3:22 am

My favorite bloggers all do:

Fred Wilson — AVC
Dave Winer — Scripting News
Seth Godin — Seth’s Blog

There are many other great blogs I read.  Not nearly so many as I used to when I was out of school and had some time.  This is a recurring post for me, I always want to emulate these kinds of writers.  Not because of their popularity but because they really add to my knowledge base.  Only Seth is really marketing intensive.  My other favorite writers usually have incredible amounts of knowledge about some subject.  Fred Wilson knows indelible amounts about venture capital and internet businesses.  Dave Winer  runs a blog around politics, personal purchases and his work in technology (he invented RSS, have you heard of it?).  

They all have their own styles and themes.  But they have some similarities too.

What’s important here?  The fact that when I cut down my RSS these three were the first make the cut.  The reason is that they offer insight and value on the daily, which isn’t easy to do.  No prophetical proclamations, simply reflection and conjecture on a bevy of topics over and over.  Or as Seth would say, “drip, drip, drip.”   It’s not about erecting a wall by tomorrow, it’s about adding a brick today.


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