December 21, 2008

G1 After iPhone

Filed under: Gadgets — Robert John Ed @ 12:16 am

The other night I got to see and use a G1 for the first time, it seemed pretty nice.  I was actually very much liking the full QWERTY.  Right now, I don’t blog as much as I want to and plan on doing so much more frequently when I get out of school again.  Having that keyboard ability would be nice for writing.

Here’s a page that compares the G1 to the iPhone and some others.  One glaring issue is the 1g of space.  I have a 16g iPhone at almost full capacity.  The reason is music.  I use the iPhone primarily as a music player and secondarily as a phone.  In fact here’s a quick list of my most used applications:

1.  iPod
2.  Phone
3.  New York Times
4.  Google Maps
5.  Safari (web browsing)
6.  Weather

So music falls first and the G1 doesn’t have anywhere near the capacity for what I use now.  I wonder if the next iterations of the phone will start addressing hard drive space?  I hope so, because that keyboard was nice. Buying a new phone isn’t high on my priority list, but it would be nice.  We’ll see what HTC offers in the future.


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