January 3, 2009

Everyone is a Customer

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A slow train is coming. A corporation is most likely my next stop. That means some big changes in terms of atmosphere and structure.

I learned some interesting things last night while speaking with a friend, not exactly the nicest things about how I can be perceived. Not necessarily horrible things, but definitely things to work on.

Customer advocacy is one of the biggest aspects of marketing, in some ways it’s the only aspect. The idea behind it is that all businesses, big and small, need to focus their attention on ensuring that their customers are happy with their products and services. This is why marketers need to be involved with the design and development of what they offer as well as the research prior to rolling something out. All of this makes perfect sense to me and I believe that the best companies in the world base their structures around it.

The next step, and something that I’m working very hard on, is understanding that everyone you deal with is a customer of yours. That means your managers, peers, suppliers and (obviously) your buyers. They all do work with you on a consistent basis and if you want those relationships to continue, they deserve the same time and effort you put into the end users. How? The biggest thing is to start listening. I’m the quintessential “brain dumper,” unfortunately, which means I think out loud to get the creative juices flowing. This can be off putting for some, so it’s very important to listen well and try to understand how people like to function at work. There aren’t any certain answers, just the fact that everyone is completely different and deserves special attention. Treating everyone you know with the advocacy you dole out to paying customers may serve you well.


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  1. Everyone is Your Customer is the fundamental idea of personal branding – in a recession your personal brand is often your biggest asset – relating that to your business will revolutionize your philosophy of customer service

    Comment by justinflitter — March 8, 2009 @ 11:07 pm

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