January 5, 2009

The Value of Labor

Filed under: Projects, School — Robert John Ed @ 7:09 pm

I am already bored at home.  Normally, reading and writing would be occupying my time, but getting home has slowed me down and relaxation has been the main activity.  I miss working a lot; it’s quite odd how the theoretical is less intriguing to me than the actual work associated with a marketing department.  That’s actually probably an overstatement, as both are pretty important.  I dig conceptual analysis a lot, I’m just missing the nitty gritty work associated with a 9-5.  

Tomorrow (thank goodness) I’ll start my internship with the Center for Business & Economic Development, very exciting.  Working usually ties my life together, when I don’t have goals and objectives to work toward, things get very murky.  It’s easy to forget what you are working toward without concrete objectives on the horizon.  I’m just not cut out for long breaks from work, a few weeks max and then it’s as if the busy body in me goes a little stir crazy and needs to start new things.  Since beginning school I’ve already started to map out the things I want to do in my free time:  a website redesign, learning another language, new industry research, getting a dog (!), etc.  There is also something more to take on, to learn and earn.  It’s a double edged sword, always wanting to do more (probably more front heavy), in my view there are far more positives for having the energy and ambition to take on new things.  Yet there is still the negative of trying to do much, which can be a big detriment.

There is plenty to keep me busy over the next few weeks until school starts, at which point the amount to do will probably add up to 16 hour days once more.  These 21 months are sure to fly by.  Time to get started, I suppose.


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