January 7, 2009

The What and The How

Filed under: Marketing Philosophy, Projects — Robert John Ed @ 5:20 am

Rusty.  Feeling a bit out of practice.  Especially while attacking a completely new and large project for the most recent escapade in my professional career.  Rust is OK, mind you.  Rust just means things will take a little longer.  Yet as we know, it’s alright when some things need a bit longer, good things take time and great things longer.

For some organizations, marketing is pretty simple.  It’s all about “How do we do it?”  How do we sell more microwaves.  How do we get more sign ups for our petition.  How do we get our candidate elected.  How do we improve the amount of tourism to Delaware.  These organizations have long ago figured out their objectives, missions and visions (even though these can and do change over time).

Yet a lot of organizations are still really working on the “What are we doing?”  Most organizations know somewhat why they are a group.  Profitable organizations recognize their need to pay bills and keep income in coming.  Non profits may not be quite as clear, but stand together for a reason.  Some organizations need to clarify exactly what they are attempting to do prior to figuring out the next logical question, how.  It seems somewhat ironic that people would be working day after day without a really strong idea of why, but it happens every day.

The tough part, of course, is actually asking the questions.  What are we here for?  What are the main things we are trying to accomplish?  How do we know when we have accomplished them?  

Where are the Emperor’s new clothes?


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