January 13, 2009

Some Things to Chew On

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Here is a bevy of topics happening.  It’s late, so bare with me.

There are a ton of bloggers I read but can’ t fully appreciate.  Reason being that they don’t write about an issue or idea in a way that gets me wanting to write about it too.  If something is well written, it usually inspires you to write too.  Doing this consistently really separates the good and great.  The problem is that bloggers (and I’m speaking toward a lot of the popular people) are just kind of going through the motions, but who am I to complain?  The unsubscribe button is right there.  I don’t expect consistent mind blowing stuff, just ideas that are addressed to specific subject matter, events or thoughts.  Believe me I’m aware the irony regarding this specific post, but I’m allowed a stream of consciousness/variant posts once a month or so.  The reason I bring this up is that after subscribing to a new feed, I’ll go through their newer stuff and find a ton of links, citation of another service or “me too” posts.  Um, hey we all know how to use the internet here, I’m interested in your thoughts on the world, your vocation or something that is worth writing about…please.  Stop with the ambiguous analogy toward overarching concepts.  Get down to specifics if at all possible.  I love that material.

Joining the ranks of a few friends and running a half marathon come May.  I’ve started running on the free tread mill garnered over the break.  It feels so good to work the ab muscles again (running does his extremely well) as well as the whole body.  Running about two miles in about twenty minutes now, hope to up that and run six miles consistently by spring.  Hopefully that will prepare me for the half marathon.

Just starting to get into a groove at the BCED for my new job.  My first major responsibility is to design there flagship brochure/informational vehicle.  If you take a look at that site and their other materials, it becomes clear they need a cohesive logo; the current materials are a bit scattered (although they are a great tone and feel for the organization).  Things have changed a lot in the last three years.  The reason I say so is that designing and picking a logo is something that is very distressing to me.  Earlier in my career (if you can even call it that out of school) I would have fallen in lust with an idea, taken it home finalized plans for marriage and detested it’s very existence within weeks of the hitch date.  Today, the levity of this decision weighs heavily and attempting to rationalize a logo worthy of an organization with such altruistic and worthy purposes is difficult.  In short, it’s too important to mess up.  I’ll build this for the office today, be gone in a couple years.  They have to live with and use this imagery for years.  I’m going to make absolutely sure we get it right the first time.

On that note, it never really ceases to amaze me how often what little Photoshop skills I have come in handy.  Sketching something on a post it note just doesn’t work the way you need for a logo or other kind of marketing piece.

The Sounds album I purchased last week is actually very good, street mod rock with a great female vocalist (I love females, especially vocalists).  Mates of State EP is really good too, very indie pop.

Running out of time, it’s late.  I’m heading up to Lutsen with my classmates for the next three days, then starting the next semester.  Interviews with a few companies right away, as well as a lot of classes and projects to get back into.  Enjoy the time.


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