January 20, 2009

Welcoming Barack Obama With Open Arms

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It has been some time since our country has been in such dire straights.  High unemployment rates, two wars, an economy in very poor health and maybe most importantly a low opinion of the US internationally.  Our country is supposed to be a leader and stand for everything right about the world and the human race, and the last two terms of presidency have been very disheartening for me.  I did not see leadership and the kind of political stances that I’d read about as a child.  I saw deliberate misinterpretation and manipulation, a society conflicted and purposefully polarized and eventually a declining morale and trust in the government.  All of this surmounting with the aforementioned issues of today.

It is very seldom that I’m moved by a political candidate.  I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited or hopeful about America and its future than I have been since Barack Hussein Obama won the 2008 United States Presidential Election.  Even more, I’m proud that we made what was in my mind a difficult but necessary choice.  As a nation state, it is up to us to change for the better and McCain, although a good candidate, was hardly the change necessary to turn things around (and don’t get me started on Sarah Palin, eep.)  This time feels different.  And although I’m not fool enough to count chicks before they’ve hatched, I truly believe that this choice has the potential to direct our nation to a new era of prosperity and leadership of the free world.  I am not awarding Obama anything he has not earned as of yet, but I believe he truly understands the levity and difficulty of the situation presented before him.  His ability to unite others and deference toward hiring past opponents is a triumph in looking past politics and into the real needs of our country.  His obvious love of research and the written word can only serve to aid him and express the ideas that need clarification.  The past president was no Emerson and I it only further exposed his lack of overall leadership.  Obama has already proven a person who is willing to listen to all sides before making a decision, we can only hope that this can somehow combat the partisan practices of the past.

The fact that he is a man of color is only icing on the cake.  That our nation has finally broken through the intellectual barrier of the last eight years is far more important.  Yet something can be said for our populace accepting and promoting diversity in our most important position; in everyone’s most important position.  This coming from a caucasian male.  Despite only one man having one position, it shows a progression that may not have been possible some years ago.  It would be wrong for this man to be anointed as a great leader today, but regardless of the outcome, I’m hopeful for that very thing.

Tomorrow is a very big day for all of us.  The history books were wrote with historical greatness.  I never understood where that greatness went.  Granted there were capable leaders in the past, but none of them with the stature and mythical adulation taught to us.  I don’t ask for that now, I merely ask for intelligence, due prudence and a genuine concern for the commonwealth.  This time around, we may just get it.  

Thank you America.



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