January 29, 2009

I Love This Stuff

Filed under: Marketing Tactics — Robert John Ed @ 9:23 pm

This is why I love marketing.  Did you hear about Starbuck’s not brewing decaf coffee after noon?  Silly, as most consumers are MORE likely to drink it later in the day.

Well check out Caribou and their response.  Well played, in my opinion.  This is why marketing is so fun to me.  It really is a fast paced chess game with opponents of all kinds.  Some bigger, some smaller.  Some with a great deal of assets and some without.  Some fast moving some slow.  Yet it’s all a chess game and it’s easy to lose the game when focusing on defense.

I should also take this moment to point out that the St. Paul/Minneapolis Business Journal is quickly becoming my publication of choice, right up there with the NY Times.  It’s a must read for any business person in the area.

Immortal Game:



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  1. […] under: Marketing Philosophy — Robert John Ed @ 3:48 pm I’ve referred to business as a chess game once or more times in the past.  If only there were more time to play chess.  […]

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