February 13, 2009

Coming to Post Near You

Filed under: Ideas, Media Origination — Robert John Ed @ 6:46 pm

There are some big things I’ve been meaning to write about, but want to wait a few more days on a couple of them.  Some of it has to do with school, some interviewing, some other stuff.

One thing that has been striking me lately is the levity of our time.  As a generation, we are experiencing potentially the largest alteration in human interaction since the more preliminary communication tools were created (printing press, telegraph, telephony, etc.).  Today, I reflect on how this financial crisis is likely to be something we all look back on and recall difficulties of.  It’s worrisome, certainly, but every generation has gauntlets thrown before it.  This is only one of many we’ll likely see.

Anyway, those people who understand the big differential in what is happening and what has happened stand to gain a lot.  There are a few ways to do it (well, probably more but whatever).  The safe way is to watch and learn as much about new ways of doing things (I do this) and apply them as much as possible to old ways in order to improve things.  This is essentially very much watching from the sidelines and ineffectual to make big things happen.  But it’s safe.  Which is risky.

The second route is to jump in and begin trying to find potentially disruptive technologies and apply them to existing business models, interpret results and then pour everything you’ve got into it.  This is far more risky, but also has a huge risk to reward ratio.

There are kids out there doing this today.  One or two of them will be billionaires.  A lot of them will be millionaires.  Many of them will live a decent life and not really break through the pile of ideas, but they are out there doing their best.  I have a lot of respect for that.  To really make a difference, you have to live it and breath it.  You have focus on building something absolutely spectacular every day of your life and scratch and claw toward making it a reality.  Sound like fun?  No?  Most would agree with you.  Yes?  Chances are those people aren’t reading this.  They are too busy with their own thing, but keep an ear out for them.  They may just build then next big thing.  And you’ll probably say, I could have done that.


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