February 25, 2009

Joining the Consulting Enterprise @ CSOM

Filed under: School — Robert John Ed @ 2:48 pm

Some good news, I’ll be starting what is bound to be an epic and informative travail through the Carlson Consulting Enterprise, which is one of four enterprises here at school.  The other three are Funds which focuses on equity and fixed income financials, Ventures which is more of an entrepeneurial orientation, and Brand which is quite similar to Consulting except is especially oriented around marketing related issues.

What’s that you say?  Robert, why wouldn’t you partake in the Brand Enterprise if you’re such a marketing dork?  Good question.

A few things of note.  First I did apply to brand based on the considerations of second year students and the fact that I plan to spend my career working in marketing and eventually in strategic factions of companies.  The two directors made very good points about the fact that my entire background has roots in marketing and that diversifying my portfolio is a good way to reduce risk.  Additionally, there was a huge amount of interest in the Brand Enterprise this year.  Too much in fact.  Actually, this should have been expected seeing as our class is over 20% larger than typical Carlson classes.  It’s also worth note that previous to being accepted into the CCE, I was very concerned about learning more about critical thinking skills and documenting it so that others can understand the process.  These types of actions often include logic trees, scope of work, fish-bone diagrams, etc.  I believe that my process excels at this type of thinking, but I haven’t actually learned how to implement it.

The person in charge of the CCE, Phil Miller, has consistently impressed me over the first semester and a half when discussing critical thinking and the importance thereof in working in an agency/client relationship…which I tend to project onto any working station, in house or out.

Getting back to the diversification standpoint, I’m learning far more in the classes not about marketing than those that are.  My undergraduate was spent on marketing.  My last five years have been spent working in marketing and reading about marketing and technological advancement (mark. comm., new mediums), so this shouldn’t serve as a suprise.  Coming into school, I looked at all the marketing classes and salivated.  Now that I’m in it, finance has been the most important subject.  Every marketer I’ve spent talking to in the real world with AMM positions or whatnot has said the same thing, learn finance!  So that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m also going to start doing industry specific classes and really stay away from marketing classes from here on out (with a few exceptions, particularly pricing).

The CCE begins in the B term, roughly a month away.  I’m excited to get started and soak up some knowledge.  Stay up, young ilk.


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