March 2, 2009

Rebranding: Expediting?

Filed under: Blog Explanations — Robert John Ed @ 2:52 pm

I constantly think about how this site needs to get a revamp. It was a decent start, but it’s certainly not consistent with the level of quality I’d expect out of a professional site.  I’m not a designer, developer or code writer.  I am a marketer though, and the value of good design and quality of touch points are certainly not lost on me.  A couple months ago, I wrote how a rebranding was pressing for this site and how I’d try to do that after getting out of school.

I’m not sure that’s good enough any more.  I’m thinking this summer would be a potentially good time to rebuild.  Duct Tape marketing had a good listing of designers for WordPress this morning which got me all hot and bothered about the fact that I should be already doing this.  It’s not the look per say (although that really needs an update anyway), it’s more the formatting.  The CSS on this site is custom and somewhere in the alteration of that code the ability to text wrap pictures was lost, which is a pretty big deal.  Reading anything online can be tough on people, so formatting posts for easy legibility and interest is especially important.  I’ve been working on a marketing research project that confirmed this completely.

Maybe some time in August I’ll start this project.  I don’t know if I can wait longer than that to get it up to spiff.  Content is still king, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to build it a proper castle.


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