March 5, 2009

Time to Think

Filed under: Blog Explanations, Writing — Robert John Ed @ 5:20 pm

Seems ever more difficult to find the time necessary for thinking and eventually putting those thoughts down into a cogent stream of words and sentances.  I don’t foresee this issue lessening in the future as I plan on spending a lot of time working in the short and long term.  So it seems I’ll just have to figure out a way to alter my practices to get more down.  That’s a shame, it affects quality but it also gets quantity.  Ideas are a numbers game anyway, so maybe blogging a little more freelance will be of value (not quite micro, not quite macro…is there a word for this?).

A follow up on my post about following online marketers, it’s not that those people don’t have great thoughts worth writing about.  They do.  And the Skittles thing (that was a random Google search with the top blog post picked, you win SEO guy) is probably worth writing about, but at what point does it become trite for me to write on everything a major company does that’s out of the ordinary?  Marketers at these companies are not foolish; for them it’s most likely more about PR than actual dollars and revenue.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it.  Skittles, Snickers, etc.  these are difficult products to market, which is why the CPG trade is so tough on the whole.  In the end, the herd writes about everything major companies do and it just seems like a waste of  time, for me at least.  I’m not trying to hate on others and what they choose to write about, but I’ll say that I’m not reading much of it any more.  I’m reading about venture capital, the death of the news, understanding and improving websites to the point where they are accepted means of advertising.  The new stuff will always get publicity, I don’t think my writing about it is much more than a drop in the bucket.

Marketers have to get back to basics.  The really good marketers aren’t too worried about channels that haven’t grown up yet, they’re working with established mediums and attempting to keep building their brands into revenue generating stars.  Substinence, you know?  Substinence.

The problem here is that when I start working again, most of what I see and learn will be off limits.  Can’t give up trade secrets.  So it’s time to figure out what to write about, that means I may open up the plethora of applicable topics to other life loves.  Music, creative writing, chess (if I can actually get back into playing again), philosophy, existentialism, etc.  Literally, maybe I’ll start writing about etcetera.  Marketing has to be number one, but I think that’s morphing into overall thoughts on business now anyway.  There’s just too much importance in finance, operations and strategy to focus on marketing exclusively.  I just need some more time to think.


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