March 10, 2009

Neva Dinova

Filed under: Music — Robert John Ed @ 7:18 pm

Been listening to a band out of Omaha called Neva Dinova for the last few days.  First heard them on a Bright Eyes split, One Jug of Wine Two Vessels.  It took a long time for that split to set in, but once it did, it was pretty obvious how ridiculously good Neva was.  That split is probably one of the best mellow EP’s I’ve ever purchased.  It’s not for everybody, but what is.

So lately I’ve been listening to The Hate Yourself Change.  Morbid title, I know, but it’s got a few songs that are really good.  I’ll say that the split was better overall, but this one has a lot of promise.  I may pick up their latest if it’s ever available at the record store (it costs like $30 on Amazon because no one has it.)

Lots of other new music coming out soon, Decemberists, Brother Ali, Propaghandi (!), etc.  I’ll keep up with those as they drop.



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