March 13, 2009

Facebook Emulates Twitter, Hmm.

Filed under: Digital Distribution, Media Origination — Robert John Ed @ 5:45 pm

The new Facebook design is copying Twitter.  The biggest thing I notice is that the news feed is now showing duplicate updates and by that I mean that you could update your status twice and both status’ would show up in the news feed, ala Twitter.  It’s real time as well, which is good, but I’m still not sure that incorporating Twitter like function will steal the share they built up.

A future that relies primarily on news rivers like this is completely conceivable.  I still think that people need to build their own space (blog, site or whatever) but chances are they will rely on services such as this to make a presence.

I haven’t read other blogs on this, but it’s rather obvious and I’m sure other people are covering this much more comprehensively.  I just Googled “new facebook copies twitter” and Techmeme showed up with this being a prominent piece.  I like how it says Facebook is blinking, IE, they have ceded inferiority.  It’s a funny article and well written.  Facebook has users though.  Users are the most important aspect of building a web application or whatever you want to call it.  Dave Winer wrote about how if Facebook added to the user interface of Twitter it could really take all share.  I don’t think that will happen, but it’s an interesting take.


I love the real time feeds, they’re amazing.  At the same time, the amount of time I spend on them has dwindled because I know there is more important things for me to be doing (real work).  I use an aggregator (Tweetdeck) that keeps tabs on everything for me and check it once or twice a day, depending on the day.

Facebook will see an initial revolt from their user base, they always do.  People will settle in to this though.  I just wonder if this will help Twitter or hurt them in the long run?  I said before that Twitter refusing the 500mm buyout from Facebook was a good idea; I think this validates that.  Twitter has been on fire lately.  People that I KNOW aren’t tech influenced are asking about it in the office, I saw it on the Star Tribune early this week.  It’s blown up.  Once again, I still worry about monetization (for FB as well), but this is a big shift towards real time streams which is a win for everyone.


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