March 20, 2009

What Am I Going To Do About Facebook?

Filed under: Digital Distribution, Media Origination — Robert John Ed @ 2:59 pm

I’ve got some big plans for Facebook.  Or a lack thereof.  Or a withdrawal.

Facebook has really revolutionized the way we communicate and keep up to date with friends, acquaintances, passerby’s, coworkers, family, secret admirations, detestables, and randoms.  For the most part I really enjoy it.  But when I look at my profile, it looks like this:


One of the things about writing is that it should be done every day.  Whether it’s a blog or journal or whatever, the practice helps you to sort out thoughts and be more creative.  So when I’m not in school (as that takes up such a great deal of time), I try to get something down as much as possible.  So my profile kind of gets spammed like above.  Which I don’t dig all that much.  The bigger issue is that there have to be a lot of people that aren’t all that interested in my musings.  There are certainly people on the Fbook that I get tired of hearing about, my guess is that I’m no exception.

So I’m considering dropping my feed of blog posts into Facebook and just keeping them on Redmarketer.  It’s kind of tough to pull the trigger though.  Rather than write about it, I should probably just yank the plug for a few weeks to see what happens to UV’s and page views.  I also didn’t want to just drop the feed for people who actually do read through Fbook and then have them think I just quit writing.

Next issue, I’m going to work for an incredible company in a month and a half, so I’m considering a sabbatical from Facebook and Twitter.  I spend a lot of time on both, not at work, but they are still a big time drain and I think that the time I spend on them at home would be better spent outside or meeting with people in RL.  Pretty sure I’ll be pulling out of Facebook for the three months of summer.  Just a temporary hiatus, but a hiatus none the less.  I posted this on Twitter yesterday and got a few complaints from friends about doing it.  “That’s how we keep in touch!”  “L.A.M.E.!” etc.  But I did this a year ago and it was actually kind of nice to deviate from the digital.

If you have any thoughts on taking the blog out of Facebook, or you’ve done something similar, I’d like to hear about it.


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