March 26, 2009

Manager’s Anatomy and Physiology

Filed under: School — Robert John Ed @ 5:45 pm

Not one in particular.  I’m speaking about a class.

A class I just started yesterday night, and I’m quite excited about it.

As I noted previously, the marketing classes I’ve taken aren’t exhilarating me at this point.  It’s not the teachers, it’s the content.  It seems like I’ve already learned it and kind of a waste of time.  There’s still some value to it, but I feel like other classes would be more of an ROO (knowledge procurement).  Pricing and maybe Tech. Marketing are still in my future, but that’s about it.

Manager’s Anatomy and Physiology is all about the human body (anatomy) and how it works (physiology), which is something I haven’t seen since high school.  The subject matter itself is cool, simply for the fact that I’m not well versed in it at all.  Subject matter that is new to me seems like a great challenge, and challenges get me going.   The teacher is an MD, who seems incredible.  Have you ever met someone that obviously gets excited about his/her work, goes off on tangents about things that seem interesting and generally have fun?  This guy seems very much like that.  People such as that make for amazing teachers.  Besides those things, being in a non-business class is kind of a nice break.  Though half of this class is market assessment and understanding for a business, it’s a new twist for me and it sounds like a lot of fun.


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