April 3, 2009

Voice and Lack Thereof

Filed under: Blog Explanations — Robert John Ed @ 1:10 pm

Sometimes I’ll go back and read my initial postings on this blog and notice how my voice has altered significantly over the brief year of writing.  Truthfully, I enjoy writing in convoluded terminology and kicking a rigamortis inflicted horse named metaphor, it’s more fun.  It keeps the brain working overtime and occasionally adds smiles to an otherwise mundane monologue.

Yet over the last year, that voice has lost much of the punctual wordplay associated with this site.  I’m not absolutely sure of why, but imagine it has to do with the buttoned down nature of Biz school and the fact that I’m cognizant of people reading this site who I could eventually work for.  It hasn’t escaped my thought process that HR people do research and I actively put my personal website under their collective noses for inspection.  A few times I’ve thought twice about what can be posted and what can’t be, which is a shame.  This site, my site, is not affiliated with my employer in any way and the employers no that, yet at the same time, for any organization which I labor there are repercussions and issues associated with their employees.  If someone worked for Microsoft and went on a crazed drunken drive from police, it gets out.  Similarly, if I write something that just so happens to get attention and my employer is leaked, it shines poorly on them.  So there are some boundaries to what is acceptable and not acceptable.  For that reason, I won’t be writing about my employment on this blog, unless someday I own a company and run it, in which case it’s on, and there would be A LOT to learn and write.

For what it’s worth, I’m going to try to write more freely again.  I do have employment set up for the summer, for an organization I was DYING to work for and am truly invigorated by for potential.  So there is less worry about human resources disliking my thought processes here, and hopefully my writing will reflect that.  Which brings us to the next point…


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