April 4, 2009

Propagandhi, Supporting Caste

Filed under: Music — Robert John Ed @ 4:34 pm

One of the last bands I listened to as a young lad that actually still matters, Propagandhi, came out with a new album a few weeks ago.  It’s called Supporting Caste, and it’s rockable.  In a postcore punk proactivist kind of way.

I’m really not that into this kind of sound any more, most of my time is spent on more “indie” type stuff, but this band really meant something to me back in the day.  They’re one of the few relevant bands politically.  They opened my eyes to many subjects I’d never considered as a youth.  Gay rights, veganism, women’s empowerment, anti-capitalism, atheism and analysis of religion as well as other hot topic subject matter a teenager seldom contemplates were all served up from these Canadian thrashers.  With raw power.  Questioning the way things are and why is important, for everyone.  We must never forget that history is often written by those in power and their perspectives are often skewed, intentionally reasoned or otherwise.  The people must be represented.  Whether it’s musicians, scribes, poets, journalists, novelists, artisans, artists or friends that remind us, we need to take heed that what we read and are told every day is not necessarily the whole truth.  This group does so well.  I don’t agree with everything they represent, in fact, a great deal of their ideas run contrary.  But they’re opinions and willingness to represent them are crucial regardless of the perspective they hold.

Despite my education, I still represent the proletariat commonwealth.  And will continue to do so.



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