April 4, 2009

Working Saturday and Sunday

Filed under: School — Robert John Ed @ 4:43 pm

Getting used to that.  The frontload of projects due to the South Korea trip is invading my weekend.  I’ll be doing research on Apple and a trend analysis a the library most of the day and tomorrow.  We’re having an Up Close event for the Carlson school where students come to town and experience the students and school on and….ahem…up close level.  So there was an event at Aloft last night and another dinner at Mill City tonight.  It’s busy, and interweaving actual work within the events is proving difficult.

I recall last year when I did the same events.  It was quite a joy and everything was new and shiningly bright and beautiful.  This is why I write, to remember those things.  It’s interesting to see that same excitement in the incoming students.  We are supposed to make a good impression and recruit to an extent, we want the brightest minds here and that’s important to the brand ongoing.  I give them the straight dope.  They are going to make their decision based on their needs for a school.  Carlson is the best school to go to in the state.  If you want to be in the MPLS/STP, go here.  It’s also an incredible community of students and a great place to be a part of.  There is a lot to offer and it seems like the majority of prospectives I spoke with are set on coming here, which is good news for the school.

Back to work.


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