April 13, 2009

Memories of MKTG (Competition)

Filed under: Marketing Philosophy, School — Robert John Ed @ 2:21 pm

In the years prior to attending school, marketing consumed a great deal of my time.  Those days are out the door with the aggregation of other class work, consulting projects and reading.  Today the majority of my time is spent learning about consulting and building an effective Powerpoint deck, building financial models that accurately describe incremental cash flows for stock holders, studying basic managerial anatomy and physiology as well as researching the market I’ll be working in (intravascular ultrasound for peripheral arteries and a few niches within).

Marketing isn’t really my focus now, despite having market research and brand management classes.  What’s more, I used to read about what was happening in the space (especially interactive) ALL the time.  Books, magazine articles, blogs, tweets, publicized memos on effective practice, anything was fodder.

I really miss those things now; the great part about having to analyze and communicate a value prop to a market is that it’s competitive, and if it’s not yet, it will be soon.  So building products and services that have the potential for overarching value in the market eyes is really what drives marketers, the other things I’m learning now will supplement that drive, but they can’t replace it.  Getting back to the real world where you can “get the cash, get the cash, get the cash” for a company will be nice.  I didn’t really think about it before coming to school, but work is something I’d become accustomed to and greatly miss now.  That’s just plain weird.  Of course, the work here is substantial.  It’s just not the same type of competition that a constantly changing market offers.


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