May 7, 2009

Breaks, Normalcy & Jet lag

Filed under: Random, School — Robert John Ed @ 3:49 am

I’m beginning to become accustomed to the idea of breaks.  Breaks from everything, including every day practices, routines and more formal institutions.  Under most conditions, I’d break that down further in terms of things going on.  But I’m on a  break.

Oddly enough, the break is getting me back to normalcy.  School is and has been absolutely insane lately.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to begin my internship and get even further back to a “normal” life including daily exercise, a healthy diet, a new market to investigate and work in, intellectual stimulation (reading books, what a novel concept) and, gasp, free time.  I’ll be working harder at this job than any I’ve had previous, but it’s still much more normal than school.

Lastly, jet lag is a real pain in the ass.  The first night I got back I slept for 2 hours, maybe.  The next was 3 hours.  Last night was 4.  I’m shooting for 6 tonight.  I wake up in my own bed and feel like lost water cascading through a dream.  It’s surreal.  But slowly everything seems to be getting back to normalcy, day by day, piece by piece.


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