May 12, 2009

Early Mornin’ Bobby

Filed under: Random, School — Robert John Ed @ 12:45 pm

Well schools…out…for…the summer.  Sort of.  There’s a final tomorrow and a presentation Saturday (which limits my ability to have a great time at the last Carlson shindig, but I’m a bit Carlson-ed out anyway, and there are a myriad of good times ahead this summer; I LOVE SUMMER IN MINNEAPOLIS!) but I’m not exactly stressed about either.  I’m more concerned with kicking names and taking…er wait…this summer at a real job.

Yet although research started months ago for that particular opportunity, the actual building proximity work doesn’t start for another two weeks.  So despite there being a lot of research to do, I have a bunch of time on my hands.  Which is good altogether and bad separated. I’ve mentioned before my affinity for being busy, yet despite this predisposition to laborious meander I’ve failed to populate the coming fortnight with activity.  I plan on continuing the spring cleaning of my body and catching up on my reading the longest book ever read by me (I’m going on 3 months and not even half way through).  That all but snaps up the lonely nights, yet the early morning is where the magpie makes his mastery.

Early to bed, early to rise and all that (but seriously, who wants to end up looking like this guy?).  I wake at 6am every day.  Most businesses aren’t up and running until 8am.  This gives me some time, though I’m not sure exactly what to do with it.  Today I’m in rather dire need of a haircut, to cash some checks and pick up some new running shoes.  All of which are tangential to the question, “When?”  It’s 7:49am now.  About time to wrap this up.  Two weeks of this.  It’s probably about time to reconstruct the daily habitual of getting something down on this serendipitous interactive medium here.  In all truth, I should spend that time on real creative writing…the long term goal has always been to get published.  I’ve been writing a novella for roughly two years and have roughly two chapters.  This is what could be referred to as An Idle Feast.   So I write this because it’s easy (and fun).  Easy is mostly worthless in the long run.  Hardship endures harvest.  Gah.  I’ll set out, construct a course to set forth, forthwith.


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