May 13, 2009

Email Inbox: Empty

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Most may find that to be calming.  For me, it’s normally a sign to be very worried.  My previous job had a constant influx of tasks and emails to answer, so when it was empty it normally meant that the connection was off or that I had a brief reprieve to work on day to day work.

The last few days have been empty in the school email box.  It’s odd.  There is a final in 2.5 hours for Market Research, but after that it’s all over.  Two semesters of four complete, it resounds like the shutting window reverberation against sun in an empty room.

Quite an experience, this first couplet of class groups.  There’s an immense amount to learn.  The classes themselves add quite a bit:  Managerial Accounting, Statistics, Financial Accounting, Strategy, Finance are all really involved and round out your typical marketing qualitative brain functions with some good bases for quant.  But there’s much more to learn from being thrown into a group of such intelligent and diverse individuals.  It’s an odd circumstance, a group of students all well meaning and eager to learn as well as make friends; yet they are simultaneously pitted against one another for job offerings, grades (pff) and other status merits.  Some may ask who cares about status, but it’s just sociology at work.  The dichotomy at school is that you come into the situation in hopes of making friends as well as finding labor; at work you are primarily focused on your responsibilities to the company and any relationships forged are more of a secondary derivative.  It’s different here.  It’s interesting to experience.

Methinks that this will actually be fairly representative of working in a larger company, people are still ambitious and still vying for similar opportunities.  The rubber hits the road where people decide to be part of the team or attempt to run it.  Good to Great is still in my top five for biz books and outlines that the people who really add value don’t necessarily worry about themselves and their opportunity, but instead focus on outcomes for the company.  There has to be a balance to those ideals, but in general the people that focus on those objectives should do better in the long term anyway.  We’ll see how that works out.

Sociology has always intrigued me, since high school.  The idea of how interactions affect people and their ongoing outlook is so complex, it’s worth study.  This is actually most likely why I got into marketing (coupled with financial stability), it’s a never ending altering science.  Like atoms bouncing off one another, people constantly build flow and groundswell in ideas and social mores.  Being able to comprehend how individuals and crowds will accept or reject information based upon groupthink and info dissemination is how the industrial revolution altered our course of consumption.  There’s a new horizon today and those that can actively pursue the seemingly miniscule differentiation in those interactions will create a new breed of company.  Stay awake.

Via XKCD....

Via XKCD....


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