May 19, 2009

Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band: Outer South

Filed under: Music — Robert John Ed @ 2:03 pm

I picked up about five new discs in the last week.  This is normally a problem as one or two albums usually prove the best of the lot to start and the others are listened to much less.  Then alternately as time goes on I’ll cycle back and listen to a lot of the other stuff.  Well that has happened again.

Most of the last few days I’ve been listening to Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band’s Outer South.  It’s an interesting album, most of the songs are Oberst, but a handful are other singers in the band and they actually hold their mud pretty good.  Songs like “Big Black Nothing” and “Difference Is Time” prove that the band itself really isn’t contingent on Oberst’s lyrics and voice.  Still, Oberst’s songs are the best on the album.  The feel of this offering is something different, some kind of alt country road music.  There are more “sing along” kind of songs, it’s very free flowing and good summer music.  Certainly worth the time and effort needed to access it.  This isn’t the greatest output, but it’s a different slant and has enough to keep people in the seats, though I’d say there are a good 3-4 songs that probaby shouldn’t have made the cut.



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