May 21, 2009

Brushes With Mortality: RIP Dennis

Filed under: Random — Robert John Ed @ 5:26 pm

I’ve had a few too many brushes with mortality over the years.

Three friends have committed suicide.  My stepsister was taken from us in a murder/suicide when I was in kindergarten.  In high school, I was right next to a complete stranger from another town that did a half gainer into a river off of a rope swing and snapped his neck.  I got blindsided by a fire truck in college (my fault for playing music too loud and not seeing/hearing it coming due to visual restrictions on that particular street), one second earlier and I’d likely be gone.

It’s scary.  Life and love are probably the biggest words I’ve ever written and I’m never too certain about either.  They both make me uneasy for their levity and are difficult to explain to oneself, much less other people.  They walk together hand in hand.

Yesterday morning a friend of mine was riding his bike in downtown Minneapolis when a semi-truck turned into the bike lane.  My friend couldn’t get out of the way of the truck and was subsequently ran over.  Dennis Dumm was a very good person and it breaks my heart to see someone such as him go away so quickly.  It’s hard for me to put things into perspective when an event such as this takes place.  Someone is simply gone in a flash and it’s a harsh snap back to what reality is.  My sincere condolences to friends and family, he will be missed greatly.

RIP Dennis.


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