May 21, 2009

Trader Joe’s & Healthy Eating II

Filed under: Healthier Living — Robert John Ed @ 4:42 pm

It’s awesome. I decided to go check it out last week and was relatively happy about the experience.  Just wish there was one closer than Excelsior, but maybe I’ll start swinging in on my way back from Maple Grove this summer.

Most everything is organic and it’s fairly priced too!  I’ve heard rumblings of Trader Joe’s coming in on Lyndale and 24th or so…but there are issues with the alcohol sales and The Wedge being right there.  I personally would love to see it come in as the Wedge is very good, but until I get out of school shopping completely at these types of stores just doesn’t add up.  :-/

Another aspect of “eating healthy” that I wasn’t really prepared for, it’s a lot of work.  Whereas most box food (read, bad) doesn’t spoil or need to be made quickly within reason, much of the food I’m buying now has to be made pretty fast, especially fruits, which is a lot.  Good thing is that fruit isn’t too expensive, but you do have to conciously eat it quickly.  Meats and veggies aren’t as tough because you can freeze them.  Come to think of it, you can freeze fruits too, maybe I’ll start looking for frozen fruits more now.

Finally got to using the blender for smoothies.  They certainly aren’t as good as the ice cream based shakes I made as a kid, but the yogurt, fruit, milk and ice aren’t all too bad either.  Really good way to get A LOT of fruit servings quickly.

Last point on spring cleaning of the body, I’m not positive I’m getting enough food.  I’ve felt especially tired this morning and am wondering if my servings are big enough.  At the same time, I’m not hungry persay, smaller portions seem to be plenty to keep me full.  But I am a bit tired and wonder how much of that has to do with broiling myself in the sun for a few days?  I’ve lost a solid amount of weight, most of which I hope is fat or “excess inventory” of the old diet.  So I’m considering a supplement of some sort that covers a lot of the stuff that might not be as easy to get.  Anyone have ideas or a good one please throw it my way.  This will probably be an ongoing theme for the blog over the summer as I iron out the wrinkles of eating healthier, etc.


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