June 4, 2009

Shifts (& Short Form Blogging)

Filed under: Blog Explanations — Robert John Ed @ 11:56 pm

It occurs to me that for right now, there is little time to write anything of substance.  The thoughts are still coming though, and I’d like to get some semblance of their flow onto a scaffold to be traversed in time.

I stated the other day that you can’t “master” a market.  It doesn’t happen.  They shift all the time.  As such, that’s why people are paid to market.  They have to be on top of the market constantly and understand the ramifications of PESTE events that could alter the status quo.  Big deal right?  Anyone could do that, and it’s somewhat true.  The problem is that it’s not just understanding a market, it’s understanding the businesses that operate in the market.  That’s why getting an education is valuable, it allows you to disseminate pieces of individual industries faster than without.

People can learn the same things with experience.  It takes longer, and it’s riskier for the businesses.  But it can and does happen all the time.


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