June 6, 2009

Expert or Hobbyist, A Matter of Perspective

Filed under: Digital Distribution, Philosophy — Robert John Ed @ 6:27 pm

At school, some people view me as an “expert” on social media and marketing online.  I quote expert because that means they would come to me and ask about it, not that I’m a consultant or anything, but that I’m in the space and as such have a prerequisite knowledge.  This is true.

My friends who actually WORK in online marketing are experts.  They build online communities, sites, ads, paths and more in order to engage target markets.  Those friends ultimately view me as a hobbyist, a view that I share.  This is also very true.

It’s a horrific thing that today’s education system isn’t focused more on marketing online (in business school).  This is the future and yet the vast majority of people have an extremely shallow understanding of the tubes.  This may sound like douchebaggery, but the four winds are blowing and the weather vain is pointing which way to walk.

Someone told me a few months ago that reading two (two!) books on a subject makes you an expert for the simple fact that very few people read any more.  That strikes me as awful.  Today it’s easy enough to be an expert, but it doesn’t happen over night.  Do yourself a favor (ESPECIALLY if you’re a marketer) build a website.  Run a PPC campaign ($25 will last you months and teach you more than 90% of marketers today).  Read a book or two (both good btw).    This goes for everything by the way, not just online marketing.  Want to be a chef?  Read about it and practice.  Want to learn a language?  Start learning today for free.  The only thing really holding you back, is you.  Silly isn’t it?

The hardest step is the first one.  Take it and everything gets easier.


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