June 11, 2009

Hello Denver: Traveling & Maintenance

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I’ve always found travel to be somewhat difficult.  It’s not that being gone is more work persay, it’s just harder to keep up with people and with regimens. 

Tuesday I left for Denver, and I’ve been here since (despite a slight holding pattern due to thunderstorms).  It’s a new city to me and of anywhere my travels have taken me over the last twenty six years and two months, this is definitely the most likely place I’d move.  There is so much to do here it boggles the mind.  Skiing, road biking, mountain biking, wakeboarding, rock climbing, four major sports teams, a huge MSA with all kinds of nightlife and much more.  The people have all been very kind and the laid back attitude of the region fits my steelo.

The idea of having a cabin somewhere away from MN has always intrigued me.  Maine, Northen California and Oregon always seemed the most likely areas.  Maybe some day I’ll set something like that up.

Regardless, travel is difficult.  The reason being that you can’t maintain a normal lifestyle.  Issue numero uno is attempting to stay in shape.  For starters, you eat out every day.  Continental breakfast in the morning sure, but every midday you’re running to a local quick stop (Einstein’s today) and at night you HAVE to go to the recommended spots around the city (good sushi last night and TAG tonight).  So the usual cuisine of protein, veggies and fruit is tougher procurement.

Additionally, exercise is low on the totem pole as well.  Most hotels have a very limited amount of equipment, the Hilton has three cardio machines; better than nothing but hardly a buffet.  There isn’t as much time because you kick it with coworkers.

There are additional gripes.  Overall, it’s not a horrible experience but it’s a learning curve for me.  Not overeating because you go out, squeeking in quick exercise sets and finding time to write and think beyond just answering emails and field work all add up. 

OK, I’m done complaining about something that’s actually pretty cool.  I get back on Friday night, but leave for a wedding most of the weekend.  Then it’s Atlanta next week and a trip with the HS homies in two weeks.  Maintainin’.


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