June 22, 2009

Playing Catch Up

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I really have no idea why, but writing has been very low on my to do list lately and it shows on this blog.  So I’m trying to catch up now.

Just yesterday I saw an AMAZING concert called Rock The Garden at one of my favorite art venues (maybe my favorite) the Walker (cool website btw) in uptown MPLS.  This is a great organization, I’ll likely become a member once I’m out of school again.  One of the best parts about this city is the arts.  Although I haven’t explicitly met them, Minneapolis is filled with people who obviously love art of all kinds and make it a point to offer it throughout our lovely landscape.  Beyond the beauty of the parks and lakes here, there exists a vibrant, breathing art community filled with compassion and transcendence for upcoming generations.  It makes me smile often.

Today I visited the Minneapolis Art Institute and was absolutely blown away by it.  It’s huge and there are rooms, corridors and wings dedicated to multiple types of art from all areas of the world and dating from ancient history to present day.  There was a community learning and education center downstairs.  There was a clay sculpture presentation where a model was being cast.  I walked around for at least an hour and there is still a great deal to see; I’ll certainly be back, hopefully twice a year or so to catch differing displays.

Rock The Garden was spectacular.  Yeasayer, Solid Gold and The Decemberists (my favorite without a doubt) were all great.  The latter played all the way through Hazards of Love, which is an epic rock opera and sets a precedent for me for an ongoing song.  The album is quirky, there are wonderful parts and songs, but seeing it performed live really emphasizes the work.  Frankly I doubt it will be touched in terms of how enjoyable it was.  Above all, being outside under the sun with an energetic crowd felt ridiculously good.  Summer in MN is truly a blast, you have to soak it in while it’s here.  Here’s a video excerpt of a similar concert:

UPDATE:  Here’s an actual video from last night, Colin was very witty.  This is Engine Driver, one of my favorite Decemberists songs.  Seeing them throughout dusk and hearing so many good songs from albums past was assuredly the highlight of my summer.  Plus, the closed with a cover of “Crazy On You” from the 80’s that rocked the shit out of that place.  Rock.  The.  Shit.  Duders.


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