June 29, 2009

Sunday Summary

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It seems like the last few weeks the only time I’ve had to write is later on Sundays, when a great deal has already transpired.  I cook a bunch of meals for the upcoming work week (usually chicken and veggies), do dishes, try to get some writing in and read before sleeping.  There’s never enough time.  Keeping some cadence to thought process and writing is important, and this last month was the lowest in terms of output since I started this blog over a year ago.  I’ll work on that.

I’m listening to Plans by Death Cab right now, I’ve been wanting some new music for a time.  Went to Cheapo and everything is incredibly expensive, all of the CDs I want are $16 and I’m just not OK with that when I can order them online for a solid discount off of that pricing.  I went in expecting to buy Solid Gold, Yeasayer and a few other things but instead walked out with DCFC and a New Pornographers disc, Twin Cinema. Oh and a Saddle Creek sampler.  So instead of getting to listen to new artists, I’m filling in the backdrop of some older favorites.  The good thing about Death Cab is that you always know what you’re getting and it’s usually quite good.

This weekend was spent in Cross Lake, MN.  Once per year all of my friends from high school get together out of town for a weekend of debauchery and high jinx.  As always, it was a really good time.  It’s fun to see everybody doing their own thing and building their lives.  We all have different paths, but it’s great that we can catch up once a year; hopefully it continues on even when people are having families and additional responsibilities.  Lately the long term keeps jumping into my head, and it seems like a transformative stage.  I can’t quite put a finger on it at this point, and struggle to devise a moniker for much ado about nothing, but perspectives and importance weighting are altering, for the better methinks.

Finally, the I watched this documentary on the division in America due to politics.  It was a good documentary, although there isn’t a poignant ending, much like the political discussions we have today.  I’d recommend it.  The inability for people to have lively and diplomatic discourse on topic matters regarding the government is really disappointing to me.  We need to discuss everything, and we have to have rational thought processes behind our reasoning in those discussions…with open minds yet behind those.  In upcoming posts, I’ll try to have more cogent information on topical pieces and not such a mish mash of random things.  Sorry.  Hope everyone had fun this weekend.


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