June 30, 2009

Burn the Ships

Filed under: Personal Branding, Philosophy — Robert John Ed @ 1:27 am

Cortez did it.  You should too.  Some of my sage (or saggy?) advice to many people over the last year has been to not give up, to persevere despite how difficult the economy and apparent lack of interest for students there is.  The reason is that if you are truly committed to working in the career you aspire to, if you continue to progress and hold steadfast resolve toward achieving your goals, over the long term you can’t fail.  You simply won’t let it happen.

It’s easy advice to dole out.  It’s not always easy to follow.  Everyone on the planet experiences the feelings of inadequacy and cognitive dissonance that accompany uncertain outcomes.  It’s part of being human.  Just as being confident and appreciative of your own skills is.  The people that can embrace the latter fore the former are bound good things.

When there is more on the line, you don’t think about it.  When you have children or fall in love, there aren’t any easy ways out.  You stop looking for them.  You start looking at realistic alternatives in order to build and keep what you originally planned on, despite adversity, despite it all.  The levity of those situations far outweighs that of finding or keeping a job, starting a business or learning a new skill such as language or music.  For some people, the approach changes with those things.  They realize that there is an easy way out, just quit.  Turn around, get back on the boats and head back home.

Burn the ships.  Leave no recourse.


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