July 1, 2009

Types of Writing

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There are a great deal of writing forms.  Many are somewhat boring.  Most people tend to follow “rules” when writing, they stick to what they’ve seen.  This is a problem seeing as so few people actually read anything intelligible today.  When I refer to rules, I’m not speaking about punctuation and grammar (although bending those rules can offer some credibility if done correctly.)  When writing something it’s important to put it together in a way that merits attention.  A friend sent me this article today, it’s well done.  It’s satire, of course, but it hemhorages intellect and wit.  In short, it’s funny.

Just the other day, I sent off an email to some friends.  It was intentionally written in a novel manner, most of my writing to friends is as such.  It’s simply more fun to read and offers entertainment value.  Obviously it’s nothing to write home about, but it was something worth reading.  I won’t subject you to it here, but it’s a bit out there in terms of normal transcript.  It’s conversational, in a monologue of course.

Writing in business email, or any correspondence for that matter, is expected to be clipped and informative.  The whole Mark Twain thing.  Copywriting takes on a separate life of its own depending on the context.  It can be lively, serious, secretive, descriptive, wanton, intriguing or any other of a thousand adjectives.  It’s borderline human.  Good marketing takes notice of how markets desire to be spoken to and takes advantage.  Great marketing goes a step beyond it to speak to someone in a way they didn’t know they wanted but are desperate to hear.

Creating a novel or any serious work is something else altogether.  I can’t lay claim to understanding it in all truth, though I’d like to.

Finally, writing a blog post is different.  It’s something entirely up to the author and their desires for that particular medium.  For me it’s very spontaneous.  Often something will hit me, a thought or idea.  It gets my mind in a frenzy and the words just pour.  These jumbles of thought often derive from reading others or working and sparking a trail of gunpowder toward a notion barrel.  It just happens.  But it moves on quickly.  Striking the orange iron is important and after a long day of mental labor, it tends to lend more toward perfunctory than viscerally stimulating.  Sigh, a bientot.


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