July 5, 2009

Small Biz Building

Filed under: Marketing Tactics, Music — Robert John Ed @ 10:38 pm

Small businesses have been on my mind a lot lately.   Part of the reason is what a down economy can do to them and the furvor upstarted over the last year.  Part of it is that someday I’d like to start a business, though I’ll keep the details on my ideas low key until they actually make inroads toward tangible form.  Small businesses really are the heart of our economy.  I often wonder how many make enough to stay in the black.  More and more it seems like small business owners are getting better at marketing.  It’s still a really small amount of businesses that treat customers as their priority, but they are out there and they keep my business.

It’s really difficult to do today, customers are fickle and easy to turn off.  One wrong move and someone will scream holy hell on their blog or wherever else; they should do this.  Businesses need to be accountable for their actions and word of mouth does that well.  A few weeks ago my boss asked me if they should try out El Paraiso in Uptown.  I told them no.  I got food poisoning there a few years ago and consistently advise against going.  Is that wrong?  Maybe it was a bad shipment of meat or whatever, maybe they’ve cleaned up?  I could care less.  You can’t make amends for that, unfortunately.  That’s the nature of the beast, and companies of all kinds must pay heed.

So today, I actually got an update on Facebook that was worthwhile.  Atmosphere, a local and quite amazing hip hop duo, is giving away ANOTHER free EP.  These guys produce a lot of music and have given away an LP online (last year) as well as done a huge amount for the local community.

Here’s the thing.  They get it.  They are opening an online version of the 5th Element and want to get traffic there.  So they are giving something away to the people that have shown them interest and appreciation.  This is permission marketing done well.  The store gets traffic and a valid data grab to start, the fans get a free EP, the band continues to build an already good relationship and likely a good amount of free press and new fanfare.  So go check it out.  All you have to do is click on the EP and give some information (no CC needed!) and download it.  Tubular brah.

Time for a bike ride.  Stay up.


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