July 9, 2009

Why I Don’t Write About My Company

Filed under: Blog Explanations — Robert John Ed @ 12:52 am

There are a great deal of really good reasons to not write about your company.  The industry I’m in is heavily regulated for one, the fact that anything you write as an employee of a company in this industry could potentially be cited as promotion is a negative.

On the whole, anybody shouldn’t really be writing about their company without being commissioned to do so, or with a good editor.  If it’s marketing, it should probably be planned out somewhat.  There aren’t a lot of people that understand a company that well (ESPECIALLY large corporations) and the intricacies associated to be able to write about goings on.  Blogs are a great outlet for companies, but they have to be measured communication.  Just as a phone call from a Target employee has an expected level of professionalism, a blog post from an employee must maintain a similar stature.

Some would argue that it’s the employee’s blog and they have the right to write as they please.  Yes, of course, under their own name, but not as a representative of the company without proper commission.  What’s more, as soon as you say, “I’m a marketing director at XYZ.”  (or any other position) it could be inferred that you’re opinions and the company opinion are one and the same; which they most assuredly are not.  Legal ramifications, company expectations and other hurdles associated with inferred marketing practice aren’t something I’m eager to deal with.  I should be completely forthright in that I do say things such as “half way done with my internship” or “excited to work for this company.”  It’s an entirely different thing to speak about work as a vocational part of one’s life as opposed to “Today at XYZ we intiated the rollout of the newest widget, it’s amazing!”  So there you have the caveat.

If I ever own a company, then I’ll certainly write about it.  It’s mine, after all; but until then, where I work and the ongoing projects are off limits.  Besides, that stuff doesn’t really seem all that interesting to me anyway?  It’s mundane detail similar to the cat blogs, imho.


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