July 14, 2009

New Biz Idea

Filed under: Ideas — Robert John Ed @ 12:29 am

Here’s an idea for someone to make a few million dollars.  I don’t often get ideas for businesses that I think have legs, but this one seems like it could scale and make a lot.  I’m way too interested in my career at this point to think about bootstrapping a web company, so if you want it, take it and run with it.  I’m transposing it from an email I sent to a few friends to save time:

There should be a service where bloggers can upload their upcoming or current posts, along with their traffic information, to a repository that potential advertisers could read prior to or after launch.  Advertisers can read through the posts, look at relevant traffic numbers and either buy (pending a price from the author) or bid (auction system) for the right to advertise on that particular post.  Posts would be categorized in multiple ways (traffic numbers, topical data, keywords, etc.) and ranked by algorithm to predict SERP placements.  The system would rank posts on their traffic and click through numbers, as well as track records of authors and their audiences’ history of ROI/ROO for posts.  You could also develop a system where an advertiser can contract out with writers they find to be good fits or a good deal.

The authors could choose to keep discretionary rights on their posts (ie no advertising pr0n on my blog!).  Is this kind of like Adwords?  Does anything like this already exist?  I’m not sure.

It’s a free service for bloggers, until they get advertising, at which point 10% (or whatever) of their payment is paid back to the service company.  One issue I could see is that after a writer finds a good sponsor they just dis-intermediate, but my gut feeling is that it wouldn’t be worth the work to set up ancillary relationships.

This is really an alteration of the current model where sales people sell direct, but could really take advantage of the long tail of bloggers and their minuscule audiences (like mine, though I don’t plan to advertise.)  I could see it as an add on to WordPress or wherever too, it would be a good exit strategy.

You guys see any holes in this?  Companies already doing it?


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