July 15, 2009

Business is Competition, Regardless

Filed under: Philosophy — Robert John Ed @ 1:41 am

Business, in itself, is a competition amongst entities with parallel resources and a zero sum potential for outcomes.  The competition is essentially for additional resources of which the entity can further invest in order to accumulate more resources.  In the mean time, the people and organizations that are in the employ of such organizations are able to create “a living” or means by which to create wealth by which to subside over our life times.

Really basic explanation.

I’ve found that many people who do not directly work within business think that people merely shuffle funds from one site to another while taking a piece for themselves.  This is somewhat of a Marxist rationale of business, but it still exists today.  Many have a poor view of business in other regards, but that isn’t the point of this post.

The point is that people who work outside of business may not necessarily understand that there’s a reason it’s called a “rat race.”  If you choose to work in business, you are always (repeat ALWAYS) in competition, and not just one kind.  You are competing against traditional rivals of your industry, substitutes for your industry, disintermediation, ongoing technology changes that usurp your position and more.

As a worker in business, you are always in competition against everyone.  Businesses are absolutely full of intelligent and hard working people looking to do right and make their way to a better position.  As they should be.  Your coworkers and yourself all perfectly understand that it’s your job to do as best you can and compete against rivals within the industry.  Simultaneously, you are in competition with the people you work with for the next promotion or what have you.  What’s more, that competitive nature that is necessary to be in such an environment is naturally going to breed conflict occasionally.

The point is that there are a GREAT deal of very cool and good people in businesses, but they always have to compete, one way or another.  It’s understandable why many would choose not to be part of such a situation.  Yet their views are askew.  There is no “taking it easy,” though my gut feeling is that’s the reason some hold businesses and the employees behind them in contempt.    I’m not pointing this out as a detriment of working in business, but rather a point of pride that business people have to always work harder and smarter in order to stay at the top.  That competitive spirit built a great many things in this country and continues to push progress.


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