July 17, 2009

New Musics

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I had went to Cheapo a while back to find new music and was aghast at the prices.  It sucks that many of the bands I’d like to buy are SOOOO expensive at retail.  In all truth, the two CDs I walked out with could have likely been gotten cheaper on Amazon with the used section.  Many times I want the music right then and there, but I’m still financially prudent.  So the last time I went there, I walked out with something completely different than I wanted.

In steps Amazon and the tubes.  I bit the bullet and ordered 6 new albums, 2 used and 4 new.  The four new ones arrived today.  Here’s a brief listing of what I’ll be listening to over the next few weeks and potentially longer:

Rural Alberta Advantage, Hometowns:  Off Saddle Creek Records, they sound mellow and I heard about them from AVC (who happens to have really good taste in music).  Already listening to this right now and it seems very folksy and mellow, which if I owned any alley, such would preside.

Yeasayer, All Hour Cymbals:  Saw these guys live at Rock the Garden and was impressed, really want to pick up MPLS band Solid Gold too, but it isn’t on Amazon and goes for $18 at Cheapo.  Fuck that.

Okkervil River, The Stand Ins:  This is a bit of a random album I’ve been meaning to get forever.  Amazon and Apple Genius have been suggesting it forever, and the buzz on is really good.  Life’s like a box of chocolates, right?

Of Montreal, Sunlandic Twins:  I’ve had this on my list to buy for a long time.  Of Montreal just keeps growing on me, despite their latest album being only half worth listening to imho.  Everything of theirs I’ve purchased has gotten a good deal of rotation and I have no doubt that this will live up to the same standard.  It’s just really good, ecclectic electronica driven drivel making your head swivel.

Jealous Sound, Kill Them With Kindness:  Got it based on one good song I’ve heard.  Maybe a stupid move,  not sure.  Buying an entire album based on one song isn’t a great idea most of the time, but it’s a good way to get exposure to an album that you know isn’t complete fecal matter.  Buying something you’ve never heard works well at times and at times not.  But the one song is pretty good, so there’s hope.

Desaparacidos, Read Music/Speak Spanish:  A more punk sounding band Conor Oberst was in a while ago, it has good reviews and seemed worth a shot.

I’d like to put album artwork next to all these, but formatting looks really stupid with this blog as of now because I tampered with the code unwittingly.  Hopefully, by the end of the summer I’ll alleviate that situation and illustration will be included, for now, click the links.  Peace out honkeys.

UPDATE: Just one listen into Rural Alberta Advantage, I can tell this is going to be epic.  Remember the first time you heard a great band and just knew their sound was special?  These guys are legit.  They kind of remind me of an Arcade Fire/Neutral Milk Hotel style sound with a softer Billy Corgan at vocals.  Sounds like really good road music to travel by the swaying fields of wild rye.



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