July 19, 2009

Worry Wart & Dreamer

Filed under: Philosophy — Robert John Ed @ 5:25 pm

Over my entire life, worrying has been a constant.  Worrying about stupid things as well as pragmatic potential occurrences.  It’s ingrained into my personality to consider and fret about the unknown.  It’s certainly overt in comparison to the average persona in this atmosphere, at least that’s my take.  The majority of instances don’t warrant the merit bestowed on them.  Worry is a waste.  Things are what they are and will continue to be so.

As I get older, the ability to differentiate between warranted and whimsical worry is improving consistently.  In my callow youth, the fret would overtake my sensibility; hours and day were routinely lost due to frequent sessions of rumination.  Maybe I just didn’t have much better to do at that time.  Now, the ability to simply put off thought processes on hinged eventualities is direly necessary to function; there’s way too much going on to worry any more.  That skill set is important for anyone, but especially for people predisposed to concern.

Just like any other scenario, there are trade offs or silver linings.  The same energy that had me fraught with worry as a youth also galvanized my resolve to think big.  Time spent worrying had a counterweight of dreaming up large pay off scenarios and ideas.  I still think big; don’t know any other way.  And that may be as important as any other skill set.  People and organizations NEED people who want to do incredible, outrageous and impeccable things.  People that want to change the world for the better.  People that believe their work and ability to harness others’ ability will build something to revolutionize an industry, a way of life, a world.

That may sound a bit silly, but it happens much more often than you’d think.  Microsoft and Google both did it in their own way.  Ford did it.  Tesla did it.  Their are millions of us who want to change the world for the better and strive to do it.  Not everyone achieves that goal, but they often achieve change on much smaller scales that affect the ebb and flow of ideas that eventually do create positive change.  That’s how I try to get down, despite the obstacles that reappear every day.

So you see, the ones that tear me down are the same ones that build me.  Now quietly lean your head and say yes, you can feel me.



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