July 25, 2009

10k and a Shuffle

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Running and listening to music has been less than ideal for me over the last few years.  I don’t do anything exercise without tunes, so that was an issue.  My old 5th generation iPod has been a godsend overall, I’ve used it a ridiculous amount for trips, kicking it at school and exercise of all kinds.  The problem is that the holder for it clips on to a waistband and it jostles all over the place.  It’s just not a good running player.

So a few months ago, the new Shuffle came out.  I was really intrigued and almost bought it a couple times.  Then I read the reviews on Amazon and it changed my mind.  I don’t want to deal with anything that so many people have found serious flaws in.  The last generation of Shuffle apparently was pretty good though.

There was a Heart of Summer 10k & 5k this morning that I participated in.  I needed a music player that wouldn’t slow me down, so I got an old 1G Shuffle for $50 at Wal-Mart.  It works well and once again Apple has come through in the clutch.  My guess is they fix all the issues with the new Shuffle next Macworld.

I biked down to the race (at Lake Nokomis) and back.  My legs are very tired, but it was a nice run.  I finished in about 46 minutes.



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