August 15, 2009

Concerts Upcoming

Filed under: Music — Robert John Ed @ 1:28 pm

Prepare for an onslaught of irrevocable sonic heat in the coming months.  Live.

First off, the Arctic Monkeys are playing at 1st Avenue 9/25 for their new LP (Humbug) tour.  Wha-HUH?  OK this sucks, I just checked out the 1st Avenue page to link to and my favorite band of 2009 is playing concurrently at 7th Street Entry.  Whiskey tango foxtrot???!!!!  Rural Alberta Advantage is $10 the same night and time.  I already have tix to the Monkeys and plans to hit it up with a friend.  Talk about crumby timing.  Damn.  I guess I’ll catch them on the next run through.

Seawolf, my favorite band (or album at least) of 2008 is playing the following Tuesday for a frugal price of $12.  Gravy.

Finally, the Mountain Goats, who have also gotten a ridiculous amount of rotations for me this year, are playing at the Cedar on November 7th, likely to play songs off their new, Bible driven LP called The Life and the World to Come.

That’s a grotesque platter of rad.  But I’m incredibly bummed I don’t get to listen to “Edmonton” live when the RAA comes through.  F.  Life goes on.


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