August 20, 2009

Personal Branding Online

Filed under: Blog Explanations, Personal Branding, Writing — Robert John Ed @ 1:25 am

There aren’t a lot of people who blog.  That sounds odd, because there are actually millions and millions of blogs now.  But there aren’t a lot of people that blog.  How many do you know personally?  I can count on one hand the number of people who I know personally that write on an ongoing basis, and I work in marketing.  That says something.

I know a few people that want to write for marketing reasons.  They want to have an established presence online, and they should!  They run into problems though.

The biggest issue is that they won’t put anything out there unless it’s perfect.  And that’s a problem because nothing is perfect.  People want to have a perfect online brand, something that shouts from the rooftop how excellent they are and what they bring to the table.  The height of professionalism.  My opinion is that the web is imperfect and that writing is even imperfecter, especially online.  Volume trumps perfection online.  My opinion is that online you should strive even more to be human, to be genuine.  To point out your own mistakes and speak as though you are in a one to one conversation.  And lastly, to keep writing!  Keep thinking and putting out ideas, even if some of them look bad in a few weeks.

It’s the process; the journey, not the destination.


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