August 25, 2009

Your People Are Your Brand

Filed under: Random — Robert John Ed @ 1:22 am

Marketing folks are an odd lot. Some of us are eccentric, some flamboyant, some methodical, some factual, some salespeople, some happy go lucky and some competitive. There are many different personality types in a multitude of industries.

Certain personality traits are valuable in marketing. Outgoing, gregarious individuals do well for themselves. You HAVE to be able to sell yourself. If you can’t sell yourself, you can’t sell anything. Despite that prerequisite, there are different personality needs for different brands.

Important: If you were running a company, who would you choose to market it?

This question is proportional in importance to the number of people in the company OR the number of people directing marketing. What I mean by that is that a CMO MUST be skilled and have the personality type needed for your organization to thrive, given that the company operates hierarchically. So the levity of the question is higher for that position. The importance scales to other marketers in the organization, but it’s most important at the top.

Conversely, a small business must place similar importance on each employee. Any one employee may have the ability to single-handedly make or break a start up. If they are the only person running the register, the only person answering the phone, the only person working there; they are the business. They are the brand.

Your people are your brand, in their personalities and especially the actions they take.  Choose wisely.  To those people working as marketers (read: anyone working), remember that your actions are what people see the company as.


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