September 11, 2009

This Site Is Now Defunct!

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My site has moved!  Sort of!  Basically, it’s just being hosted on the same domain, but not through WordPress.  It’s in the midst of an overhaul but is now hosted directly on and should be complete relatively soon.

If you read directly off the site, just head over to that spot.  If you use RSS, I still have to set up a feedburner account and dally out the necessary pieces for that, but it may take a bit of time.  You can add the feed to a reader, it isn’t finalized by name or attributes yet, but should work for you.

Thanks for reading!

Robert John Ed

PS I’m not sure if I can do it, but I’ll look into an automatic redirect too.


September 10, 2009

Working Out the Kinks

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If you go to my blog via direct traffic (i.e. type in the URL and click on blog) you’ve probably already noticed that the blog is now hosted at  I think that’s a big step for a website, having a memorable name and easy navigation.  Type it in, hit return, done.

Before, I had a basic opening page with four links (in rudimentary CSS) that had a few snippets.  The problem is that this website doesn’t warrant navigation like that, it’s not big enough.  It’s a waste of time.  When I started the site it seemed like a good idea, now it seems superfluous.

So now when you type in the URL, you get the blog, which will eventually have a tab or two with a back story and any other relevant info worth another page.  It’s the same thing, just easier.

Lastly, don’t mind the clutter and look of this, it’s a work in progress and will come together in good time.  I have to design a few things and work with a friend who actually knows how to code, so bear with me.  In the mean time, I’ll still be updating, but not as frequently as normal due to other constraints such as school (which just started and is not vewy, vewy quiet).

September 7, 2009

Site Down for a Bit

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I’m in the midst of a slight rebrand on this site, so won’t be posting for a bit.  Hold tight.  Hold steady.  Hold something.

September 1, 2009

Speaking of Which…

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I’m finally going to redesign this site with some help from my buddy Virtual Monk.  Keep an eye out over the next few weeks, I’ll be altering the layout, probably keeping a similar logo, but getting back good formatting for pictures and maybe nixing the navigation (i.e. building a one page site).   Here’s a rudimentary alteration of colors:


August 20, 2009

Personal Branding Online

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There aren’t a lot of people who blog.  That sounds odd, because there are actually millions and millions of blogs now.  But there aren’t a lot of people that blog.  How many do you know personally?  I can count on one hand the number of people who I know personally that write on an ongoing basis, and I work in marketing.  That says something.

I know a few people that want to write for marketing reasons.  They want to have an established presence online, and they should!  They run into problems though.

The biggest issue is that they won’t put anything out there unless it’s perfect.  And that’s a problem because nothing is perfect.  People want to have a perfect online brand, something that shouts from the rooftop how excellent they are and what they bring to the table.  The height of professionalism.  My opinion is that the web is imperfect and that writing is even imperfecter, especially online.  Volume trumps perfection online.  My opinion is that online you should strive even more to be human, to be genuine.  To point out your own mistakes and speak as though you are in a one to one conversation.  And lastly, to keep writing!  Keep thinking and putting out ideas, even if some of them look bad in a few weeks.

It’s the process; the journey, not the destination.

August 17, 2009

Cliff Jumping

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If you read this blog often enough, it’s pretty obvious my writing has fallen off of a cliff lately.  It’s not that the ideas aren’t flowing, they are; maybe even more than at any other time.  I’m working for a large corporation and learn an indelible amount of information regarding infrastructure on the daily.  Bootstrapping a small business seems ever more imminent in the future and the dichotomy of those to aspirations creates a huge amount to think about and record.

Yet the summer beckons and enjoying myself, exercising and kicking it with new found glories is more important.  It’s a shame so many things will fall through the cracks, but it’s only further proof that time/attention is the most important resource in and out of marketing.


July 9, 2009

Why I Don’t Write About My Company

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There are a great deal of really good reasons to not write about your company.  The industry I’m in is heavily regulated for one, the fact that anything you write as an employee of a company in this industry could potentially be cited as promotion is a negative.

On the whole, anybody shouldn’t really be writing about their company without being commissioned to do so, or with a good editor.  If it’s marketing, it should probably be planned out somewhat.  There aren’t a lot of people that understand a company that well (ESPECIALLY large corporations) and the intricacies associated to be able to write about goings on.  Blogs are a great outlet for companies, but they have to be measured communication.  Just as a phone call from a Target employee has an expected level of professionalism, a blog post from an employee must maintain a similar stature.

Some would argue that it’s the employee’s blog and they have the right to write as they please.  Yes, of course, under their own name, but not as a representative of the company without proper commission.  What’s more, as soon as you say, “I’m a marketing director at XYZ.”  (or any other position) it could be inferred that you’re opinions and the company opinion are one and the same; which they most assuredly are not.  Legal ramifications, company expectations and other hurdles associated with inferred marketing practice aren’t something I’m eager to deal with.  I should be completely forthright in that I do say things such as “half way done with my internship” or “excited to work for this company.”  It’s an entirely different thing to speak about work as a vocational part of one’s life as opposed to “Today at XYZ we intiated the rollout of the newest widget, it’s amazing!”  So there you have the caveat.

If I ever own a company, then I’ll certainly write about it.  It’s mine, after all; but until then, where I work and the ongoing projects are off limits.  Besides, that stuff doesn’t really seem all that interesting to me anyway?  It’s mundane detail similar to the cat blogs, imho.

July 1, 2009

Types of Writing

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There are a great deal of writing forms.  Many are somewhat boring.  Most people tend to follow “rules” when writing, they stick to what they’ve seen.  This is a problem seeing as so few people actually read anything intelligible today.  When I refer to rules, I’m not speaking about punctuation and grammar (although bending those rules can offer some credibility if done correctly.)  When writing something it’s important to put it together in a way that merits attention.  A friend sent me this article today, it’s well done.  It’s satire, of course, but it hemhorages intellect and wit.  In short, it’s funny.

Just the other day, I sent off an email to some friends.  It was intentionally written in a novel manner, most of my writing to friends is as such.  It’s simply more fun to read and offers entertainment value.  Obviously it’s nothing to write home about, but it was something worth reading.  I won’t subject you to it here, but it’s a bit out there in terms of normal transcript.  It’s conversational, in a monologue of course.

Writing in business email, or any correspondence for that matter, is expected to be clipped and informative.  The whole Mark Twain thing.  Copywriting takes on a separate life of its own depending on the context.  It can be lively, serious, secretive, descriptive, wanton, intriguing or any other of a thousand adjectives.  It’s borderline human.  Good marketing takes notice of how markets desire to be spoken to and takes advantage.  Great marketing goes a step beyond it to speak to someone in a way they didn’t know they wanted but are desperate to hear.

Creating a novel or any serious work is something else altogether.  I can’t lay claim to understanding it in all truth, though I’d like to.

Finally, writing a blog post is different.  It’s something entirely up to the author and their desires for that particular medium.  For me it’s very spontaneous.  Often something will hit me, a thought or idea.  It gets my mind in a frenzy and the words just pour.  These jumbles of thought often derive from reading others or working and sparking a trail of gunpowder toward a notion barrel.  It just happens.  But it moves on quickly.  Striking the orange iron is important and after a long day of mental labor, it tends to lend more toward perfunctory than viscerally stimulating.  Sigh, a bientot.

June 29, 2009

Sunday Summary

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It seems like the last few weeks the only time I’ve had to write is later on Sundays, when a great deal has already transpired.  I cook a bunch of meals for the upcoming work week (usually chicken and veggies), do dishes, try to get some writing in and read before sleeping.  There’s never enough time.  Keeping some cadence to thought process and writing is important, and this last month was the lowest in terms of output since I started this blog over a year ago.  I’ll work on that.

I’m listening to Plans by Death Cab right now, I’ve been wanting some new music for a time.  Went to Cheapo and everything is incredibly expensive, all of the CDs I want are $16 and I’m just not OK with that when I can order them online for a solid discount off of that pricing.  I went in expecting to buy Solid Gold, Yeasayer and a few other things but instead walked out with DCFC and a New Pornographers disc, Twin Cinema. Oh and a Saddle Creek sampler.  So instead of getting to listen to new artists, I’m filling in the backdrop of some older favorites.  The good thing about Death Cab is that you always know what you’re getting and it’s usually quite good.

This weekend was spent in Cross Lake, MN.  Once per year all of my friends from high school get together out of town for a weekend of debauchery and high jinx.  As always, it was a really good time.  It’s fun to see everybody doing their own thing and building their lives.  We all have different paths, but it’s great that we can catch up once a year; hopefully it continues on even when people are having families and additional responsibilities.  Lately the long term keeps jumping into my head, and it seems like a transformative stage.  I can’t quite put a finger on it at this point, and struggle to devise a moniker for much ado about nothing, but perspectives and importance weighting are altering, for the better methinks.

Finally, the I watched this documentary on the division in America due to politics.  It was a good documentary, although there isn’t a poignant ending, much like the political discussions we have today.  I’d recommend it.  The inability for people to have lively and diplomatic discourse on topic matters regarding the government is really disappointing to me.  We need to discuss everything, and we have to have rational thought processes behind our reasoning in those discussions…with open minds yet behind those.  In upcoming posts, I’ll try to have more cogent information on topical pieces and not such a mish mash of random things.  Sorry.  Hope everyone had fun this weekend.

June 22, 2009

“When I Get Out Of School”

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It seems that I’m always thinking or saying that statement lately.  Part of it is my penchant to plan things out in the long term, part of it the time and resource constraints held on you over attending a full time program.  Plans are always going on in my head.  Business plans, life plans, etc.

Working in the real world suits me far more than school.  I enjoy school and learning, but I can do it on my own for most subject matter applicable to my life and career.  It certainly isn’t recognized like a major institution, but realistically anyone with an internet connection, time and drive to do so could disintermediate the traditional educational system.  I’m not necessarily advocating that, I think there is a happy medium where a system can grow and alter as the needs of new generations bloom like flowers to the sun.  So I’m not particularly looking forward to my last two semesters, though I do plan to make the most out of them and work diligently, I’m eager to return to a “normal” life as precocious that may sound, even to my own ears.

Minneapolis makes me think long term.  It’s the kind of city that breathes and I can certainly see living here for a long time.  The idea of buying a house somewhere around South Minneapolis and building things over the long haul sounds really good right now.  What kind of things?  Well there are many.  I’d like to start a business, I’d like to finish a book, I’d like to have a family, I’d like to advance a career, I’d like to have a dog!  All these things seem so far out of reach, at least until I’m done with school.  Other small things are starting to bug me too.  I miss having TV so I could watch the Masters or the History channel.  The normalcy associated with a weekly job is easy to sink back into and the idea of having all hours taken up with school, the enterprise and a part time job is not exactly making me jump for joy.  But I did sign up for it and I’ll go on ahead and take my medicine (sidenote, I’m trying to catch up on blogging, but won’t have time for a proper write up on “The Shining” which I finished last week…stay tuned).  There are just so many things that have to be on hold during this point.  It really is trying, but most things worthwhile are, aren’t they?

I’d like to get more down on this, but I need to get some Z’s.  Hopefully I’ll do a better job of writing over this next week.  No promises though.  :-)

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